CustomSizes and Colours for Work Place Office Lockers

Delivering only the best to businesses around the country, Oz Loka develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of work lockers perfect for use in industries from mining to marketing. We make it simple and easy to get the versatile, modular storage solutions your organisation needs, delivering a superior, quality product, tailored to your specific requirements.

Supporting local Australian enterprise, Oz Loka offers their products and a premium service to businesses across the country. State of the art rotational moulding techniques and our refined and thorough manufacturing processes ensure we can provide our complete range with a quality guarantee. Make the right choice for your company and either speak to one of our consultants or use our locker builder to find out how we can help you with our unique, personal storage solutions.


A better choice for your business

The Oz Loka collection is provided in a range of dimensions and designs, suiting the needs of businesses of every description. Durable, modular and highly customisable, Oz Lokas are equally suitable for use as worksite, factory or office lockers. Rotationally moulded from high-density polyethylene, our range delivers the longevity and resistance to damage every business needs, from retail locations to construction companies. You’ll enjoy years of service from your new Oz Lokas, no matter what kind of punishment they are subjected to.

Provide an easy storage space for visitors with our multi-user, individually lockable F Series, or have all the space you need and more to store heavy work clothes or equipment with the roomy C Series. We can also provide a range of specialised tool lockers and pigeon holes, meaning even specific needs can be met with one or a combination of our  Oz Loka products.


A storage solution for every organisation

Discuss your needs with one of the Oz Loka team and find out how we could outfit your business with a premium, long-life storage system. Contact us today on 1300 735 093 or send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Orange Locker d series
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